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New animation

2011-01-03 22:01:26 by HatredEdge

So basically I've been working with my new close friend wakman111 on a new animation. Basically we need voice actors, so im sending this out as a call for all you talented folks to send me and him your demos if you really want to be a part of it. We need the following
1. A guy named Ben- Fry cook/ musician- background is unemportant, but he's a smartass loner with an honest personality
2. A movie buff named Zeke- Kind hefty and a little nerdy, also a general wise ass especially to Ben
3. The main girl Olivia- Shes the smart one, level headed and quick to retort, but not in a mean way. Also a little bit of a tight-ass sometimes.
4. The photographer Ashley- She goes by Ash of her close friends, kinda out there but mostly just the fun loving and almost oblivious girl, sweet and to the point.

I have just finished typing up the script for the actual lines for anyone who wants to cheak it out and use it to follow the part they are trying out for. FYI Jason, and Dakota are filled out already so we don't need actors for those parts. For the script click here.

New animation


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